Marketing today on the Internet today

Marketing is what rules the world. You make the marketing and you make the money. What can be easier for the manager? Nothing. Just keep going. Earn the money, and make other people richer. There is nothing bad in investment in your future in the way of marketing.

But where to learn the basics of marketing?

What university may teach you to know marketing well?

This is a good question. Not a lot of universities do good marketing seminars and studies. Most of them just sharing a theory about it and how to deal with it. But in the real sometimes it goes far away from what you exactly need to do.

However, there are few universities, which makes you a specialist.

For example, such good university like Berkeley University or Columbia University. From the first sight, there is nothing special in these education places. But the most interesting thing in such homes – are teachers. Only good and professional teachers can handle with the knowledge of education.  The best thing in such case, when the tutor is in common with the marketing by his own experience. For example, he was the marketing manager in the past, who passed all the long road from a specialist to the professional. Who made thousands of mistakes to not to do them again and to make his best, to achieve great results. How hard can it be?

Do teachers in universities know a lot about marketing?

This is a good question. As I mentioned below it all depends on the person. Check his biography and take a look, what did he achieve. If he knows only in theory. There is nothing to talk about, but if he had his own business or passed many deals with millions of dollars, you should listen to him carefully. This is how the business works. Smart people do what they know.