Meet the Stewart

Meet Stewart Andrew Alexander

Digital Media Strategist and Contributing Writer

Stewart is the Author of the book, “Credibility Breakthroughs.” As a former Paris based Post Production Coordinator, familiar with backstage passes to The Cannes Film Festival, and rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s elite, Stewart uses his experience to help Top Performing Entrepreneurs to establish instant credibility & trust with prospects & clients by turning them into published Authors on Amazon, (without having to write a book), in 14 days or less.

A bilingual Contributing Writer and Entrepreneur, Stewart made his first online sale ($97) on October 24th, 2003 and from that point on was fascinated with how someone on the other side of the world could take out their credit card and invest in a 100% information based product.

There has been much progression since those early days. Stewart has found himself living and working in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Jamaica, Egypt, England and America. He has used his Certificate in Training Practice (CITP) skills to help hundreds of small business owners to attract more clients and sell more of their products and services, including one software project which made its owner in excess of $100,000 in its’ first year of business.

Stewart is not all about business.

He is also a qualified Football Association (FA) Coach (soccer in the States), who during his downtime has used his coaching skills to help raise the self-esteem and confidence of underprivileged children in Egypt, Ethiopia and Jamaica. Here are some kids from the Waterford Grassroots Football Academy he co-founded in Portmore, Jamaica, and here at the Fresh and Green Academy (one of his clients) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. You can find out more about his volunteer work in Ethiopia in his CNN iReport here.

As a former 80’s, 90’s DJ, Stewart has entertained thousands of Funk, Soul and Reggae fans across nightclubs in North Germany. He sharpened his Radio Moderating skills at Radio Hamburg and The More Soul Show Berlin, Germany under the guidance of his best friend Kenny B, Professional Percussionist, Radio Moderator, DJ and former Percussionist of the international #1 hit group, The Goombay Dance Band.

He loves birds of prey, pulling funny faces and talking to total strangers in restaurants and bars. Travelling has been in his blood ever since the day he joined the British Royal Air Force at the age of 18. At 53 years young he has been kissed and cuddled by a Dolphin in Dubai, dipped his toes in the Caribbean Sea and swam amongst hundreds of thousands of exotic fish at the Blue Hole in Dahab, Egypt which he describes as, “An unforgettable experience.”

As a principle, Stewart always strives to leave you feeling better about yourself, and more educated about the situational challenges within your organization.

Whether making you feel more empowered about the unique situations within your company, your job, or yourself, in the true spirit of an Entrepreneur he is always helpful, caring and looking for simple ways to position you as a more credible, trustworthy advisor in the hearts and minds of your prospects and clients