Marketing studies at university

We all know that studying is one of the most important things for a young man. Before he got the job he shall pass all the way of knowledge and higher education at college or university. In the final work of diploma, he must show his experience in the persuasive essay describing all aspects of the future vision on the marketing.

What is the marketing for the first year student?

There is no doubt that freshers always mix the meanings of marketing and market. They think this is something in common with selling food outstreet. But the truth not went far away. For sure marketing is always close to the selling, but selling on the worldwide platform, where huge corporations are in demand of influence of their products on the final customer and other decision-making factors.

What exactly about marketing students study at university?

The University of Kansas has a special program at their Business School, which describes all tips on the way to the final exam. What will student study, what subjects he must pass, what he needs to know to get a good mark? Their subjects help to the undergraduate to develop in himself such skills like strategy, flexibility, and creativity. Only that marketing manager who is not staying on one point, and getting new information about the situation around the world – can recommend to the world what exactly is popular today and need to be bought.

But marketing is not only one thing. It has many varieties as subjects in college. To choose which one fits you mostly better to do a special test.  The University of Dallas made this marketing test in one of the final application forms for freshers who still didn’t make a decision – what kind of studying fill their requirements. This is the simple test with 20 questions, which shows the points for each of the answer, and based on the counted points student may decide – does it fit him in full or not.

For example, one of the questions you need to answer:

  1. If your goal is to encourage new product trial among risk-averse consumers, your best bet from sales promotion alternatives is:

  1. samples

  2. contests or sweepstakes

  3. Continuity programs

  4. point of purchase displays

  5. product placement

And the answer is “samples”, if a student decides to choose the second or the third option, or any other, it may show that the view on the subject is different from the required. So he can be sure that more and deeper studying is required to understand path on the way to the required higher education.


What types of marketing jobs are existing?

The college of Freemont selected 7 types of job for internet marketing the student may choose after he finishes the college:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Web Producer
  • Web Content Writer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Advertising Coordinator

However for some of them, the subjects are the same, special knowledge is must to be learned to get the required skills in the way of successful results on the job position.

What do we know about the marketing?

What do we know about the marketing? – The most common question of all tutors of all universities and business schools. What shall we study to be excellent in marketing? There is no doubt – we need to clearly understand what is marketing and what for it is used by all sectors of business.

Based on the Harvard Business School marketing is the key to the success of any business. It is the string between the company and the final customer. Such string helps better understand what customer wants and offer him the best option on the market.

Marketing may be realized by many ways through different researchers, which helps to understand what exactly regular customer wants and how he can get it.

Based on the past few years, the economies of all countries grow faster than ever. The Internet now is the leading machine bringing new and new businesses to it, generating new ideas, new fashion and the new style of the life.

Social networks generate related advertising to every person who is registered in. Search engines optimized tops of search quires based on the previous preference of the users. As the result less and fewer people interested in paper advertising.

We still need to admit that in some sectors of the business and countries paper all about paper marketing is still on the top position. But for sure not for so long.

Head office of MIT University understands it as no one better and already organized faculty for people who are interested in digital marketing, and wants to go further together with the planet.

So why not to join?

Only 3,900$ dollars per semester and all new information about marketing will be put in your head with love and attention.

I would risk, if wouldn’t be so old and experienced in the marketing area. but for you, it is a good option.


Marketing today on the Internet today

Marketing is what rules the world. You make the marketing and you make the money. What can be easier for the manager? Nothing. Just keep going. Earn the money, and make other people richer. There is nothing bad in investment in your future in the way of marketing.

But where to learn the basics of marketing?

What university may teach you to know marketing well?

This is a good question. Not a lot of universities do good marketing seminars and studies. Most of them just sharing a theory about it and how to deal with it. But in the real sometimes it goes far away from what you exactly need to do.

However, there are few universities, which makes you a specialist.

For example, such good university like Berkeley University or Columbia University. From the first sight, there is nothing special in these education places. But the most interesting thing in such homes – are teachers. Only good and professional teachers can handle with the knowledge of education.  The best thing in such case, when the tutor is in common with the marketing by his own experience. For example, he was the marketing manager in the past, who passed all the long road from a specialist to the professional. Who made thousands of mistakes to not to do them again and to make his best, to achieve great results. How hard can it be?

Do teachers in universities know a lot about marketing?

This is a good question. As I mentioned below it all depends on the person. Check his biography and take a look, what did he achieve. If he knows only in theory. There is nothing to talk about, but if he had his own business or passed many deals with millions of dollars, you should listen to him carefully. This is how the business works. Smart people do what they know.


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